Our Results


People who hire a lawyer ought to be able to get their questions answered. They should have a lawyer who returns their phone calls promptly. Our clients do.


We listen to our clients to find out what matters to them. We see what's important in a case - and what isn't - and we relentlessly focus on getting where our clients want to go.


We work on each client's legal problem until we understand it and have explored every viable option. Our clients’ problems are too important for anything less.


Our clients often come to us because of a situation that they aren't proud of. We don't judge. We find the best way forward so our clients can move on as quickly as possible to a better day.


The best solution isn’t always obvious. And what’s obvious isn’t always right. We have the vision to find an option that may not appear at first blush.


We’ve helped clients in state courts and federal courts and in trials and appeals. Our lawyers have worked in the government and in large law firms. We have the background and experience to help.